Who we are?

Pakistan Hindu Council is a nonprofit organization working for the welfare of deprived communities in Pakistan since 2005 founded by Dr. Ramesh Kumar Vankwani. The main focus of the organization is to promote interfaith harmony between different religions. It is engaged in various activities like organizing conferences and events to promote and strengthen unity among Pakistani society. It is also actively engaged in helping the needy and deprived audience by solving their financial and domestic issues.

What we do?


Combined Marriages

This is one of the biggest yearly event that Pakistan Hindu Council has been arranging since 2008. In this event almost 100 couples tie the knot from all over Pakistan. The reason for this mass marriage Is to support the poor Hindus who are not able to afford their own marriage expenses. This event provides them a platform and a place to celebrate their marriage according to their desire. All the expenses are borne by the Pakistan Hindu Council and around 1500 families have been supported through this event. In this event a large number of people participate from all across the country belonging to different walks of life. 


Education is one of the key areas on which Pakistan Hindu Council keeps focus on. Pakistan Hindu Council has the aim of uplifting the deprived communities through education. Currently, we have around 17 primary schools. These schools are being managed across Tharparkar where course, books, uniform, shoes and other stationary are also provided to students free of cost. Initially the schools were started under a tree and in 2018 three schools were built of traditional wooden rooms(Chorna). The school organizes different activities and informative programs for students and teachers for their better understanding and skills.

Ambulance Services

The Pakistan Hindu Council has a total of 12 ambulances that are active in the different parts of Sindh and Karachi. This service is provided to people who do not have a lot of resources and money during an emergency situation. This ambulance caters to everyone irrespective of their faith.

Besides this, we also have 2 cremation buses one of them being in Karachi and Hyderabad. These buses can be used to take bodies to the cremation ground.

Financial Assistance Help

Every year the Pakistan Hindu Council gives financial support to the poor and underprivileged the money that they are in need of. In this program around 1000 poor induviduals are supported every year. This Financial support can be for different purposes such as Medical, Marriage, Education etc.

Wheelchair Distribution

Pakistan Hindu Council has distributed around 1540 wheelchairs to the differently-abled  needy individuals since 2021 to uplift them economically.


We have distributed around 125 Qingqi Rikshaws to the needy youth of Pakistan to encourage them to earn their own livelihood and run their household.

 Women Empowerment

Pakistan Hindu Council has been offering sewing machines to the needy Hindu women specially orphans and widows to provide them opportunities to create, learn new skills, build self-confidence, and contribute to their own livelihoods and the well being of their families. Since 2005, we have distributed more than thousands of sewing machines across the country and empowering the Hindu women to become self sustaining. 

Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificates that are provided by Pakistan Hindu Council, couples are able to provide proof when applying for National Identity Card or for any Immigration or Visa purposes and other legal activities. This marriage certificate is recognized at both national and international level.

Jeevan Ka Sathi

Jeevan Ka Sathi Marriage Bureau Services was started by Pakistan Hindu Council in June 2021. This platform provides the youth of the Hindu Community to search for their life partners. We also aim to digitalize this platform in the near future through our “Jeevan Ka Sathi” application which is to be launched soon.