Any Pakistani Hindu, minority adult, who agrees with the aims and objectives of the Pakistan Hindu Council can become a member. 

Rs 5,000/- ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP FEE for 05 Years
Rs 1,000/- REGULAR MEMBERSHIP FEE for 01 Year

a. LIFE MEMBERSHIP: An individual who shall pay Rs.25,000/- as Life Membership Fee and his membership is accepted and approved by Managing Committee. He Shall be eligible to contest for any position of the Managing Committee and shall have the right to vote in all contests after 180 days of membership confirmation.

b. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: who shall pay Rs. 5,000/-for 05 years. He shall be eligible to vote after completion of 02 years of tenure of membership. Renewable after 05 years on payment of Rs. 5,000. 

c. REGULAR MEMBERSHIP: who shall pay Rs. 1,000 as a membership fee for one year (renewable every year).

Requirements to become a Member:

  1. Completely filled out the membership form
  2. Current Passport size photographs
  3. Copy of CNIC
  4. Fee Payment evidence




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