Temples in Pakistan

Temples in Pakistan

There are the following Temples of Hindus in Karachi for Performing their Worship (Puja) and Places for Celebration of their Religious Festivals.

Ratneshwar Mahadev Temple At Clifton Karachi.
This Temple is situated at the seaside of Clifton. It was constructed about more than 300 years ago in a cave in a hill. Grand Mela (Fair) of Lord Shiva (SHANKER) is held for 3 days on Maha Shiva Ratri the day where in more than 25,000 people visit the Temple for celebration & rituals on this occasion every year. On every Monday, “Parsad”(sacred food) is distributed but now 7 days of week, parsad is offered.

Laxmi Narain Temple At Native Jetty Bridge, Queens Road Karachi.
This temple is constructed on land facing the sea under the Native Jetty Bridge. It was constructed about 200 years back. In this temple, Festival of Raksha Bandhan (NarialPuja), Ganesh Chaturthee, i.e. Birthday of Shri Ganesh Deva and every Chand night is celebrated. It is a sacred place for performing death rituals of Karni (11th day rituals) and offering Shiradh of Pitras and for putting final Garba Murtis in sea water on the day of Nao-Ratree & Ganesh Chaturithi.

Swami Narayan Temple Opposite Kmc M.A Jinnah Road Karachi.
It is a big Temple estate, surrounded by residential houses. It is an old temple building, which dates back to more than 150 years. In this temple, celebration of Swami Narain Jayanti, Sri Ram Navmi, Janam Ashtmi, Dasshera, Diwali and mostly all the religious festivals are celebrated by Hindus, within these premises, there is a temple of Guru Nanak where in every Chand Raat and the birthday of Guru Nanak, Wasakhee, days are also celebrated by Hindus.

Guru Nanak Darbar Aram Bagh Karachi.

Panch Mukhi Hanuman Temple Soldier Bazzar Karachi.
It is an old Temple constructed in 1927 and was under supervision of Mahant Beldev Das Gadi Nasheen. Annual Festivals of Sri Ram Navmi, Hanuman Jantee, Janam Ashtmi and Deshera are held, and on every Saturday and Tuesday, Sandur and Oil are offered on statue of Panch Mukhi Hanuman, the curer of evil effects of Shanee dev.

Seetla Mandir Bhimpura Karachi.
This is an old Temple estate belonging to goddess, Seetla Mata wherein Puja for a cure of Small pox and other skin diseases, is performed. Annual Fairs of Seetla Mata in the month of Chetra, Thadhiree, Festivals in Asu are held in this Temple.

Devi Mata Temple Near Ashi Qaber Mithader Karachi.
This Temple was constructed about 150 years back in the name of Warhai Mata Devi. On every Wednesday, Devi Puja is performed and annual Nava Ratri and other Hindus Festivals are also celebrated with Parsad & Bhandara (sacred food) under the supervision of ALL HINDUS SHEWADHARIES ASSOCIATION.

Varun God (Radha Krishna – Sita Ram) Temple At Manora Cantt
The temple is situated on seashore of Manora cantt. This temple is about 160 years old and designed perfectly as per Hindu Architecture. The temple is carved from a blackish marble. Apart of Varun Devta temple there is small temple of Shiv Shanker & statues of Hanuman & Sri Ganesh Mahraj are still in good condition. Sindhi Hindu Businessmen built this temple & renovated from time to time. After partition the temple was abandoned & illegally occupied by land grabbers, recently Pakistan Hindu Council Karachi took a bold step to renovate the same & how have brought back the sanctity of temple & have been cleaned of all the impurities & garbage inside the temple. The station Commander PNS Himalaya Manora cantt has very kindly handed over the control of this temple to Pakistan Hindu Council Karachi, from June, 2007.

The Council plans to spend about Ten million rupees for uplift & to bring this ancient temple to its original condition. Satsung will be held on every Saturday & Parsad & Bhandara would also be managed every week free of cost. Lot of devotes visit this picnic place & enjoy the waves of sea direcltly hitting the temple. There is beautiful scene early in the morning at sun rise. The atmosphere is marvelous & one feel great pleasure & peace of mind along with glimpses of the temple & Darshan of Lord Shri Ram & Lord Shri Krishna.

Hanuman Mandir Frere road sadder Karachi.

The Festivals of Shri Hanuman & Lord Shri Rama are celebrated every year. Regular weekly Satsang is held on Tuesday & Saturday. Hanuman Seva Mandal is also actively participating in all the functions & programmes & up keep the Temple properly.

Shiv Mandir Karachi Islamia College Karachi.
Durga Devi Mandir Karachi Gizri Karachi.
Krishna Mandir- Frere town Clifton Karachi.
Guru Nanik Mandir Manora Karachi.
Sri Kathiawari Harijan Manhar Mandir Ranchore Line Narain Pura
(Pujarai Amarsi Meghjee Baria) CNIC 42301-8552628-1

Hindu Cremation Ground Karachi
Hindus observes lost rituals of cremation of dead bodies at Hindu Cremation ground situated at Old Golimar road Karachi.




  1. Shri Swaminarayan Mandir M.A Jinnah Road Karachi
  2. Shri Varun Dev Mandir Karachi
  3. Ramchandra Mandir, Saddar-Karachi
  4. Ramswamy Mandir, Ramswamy-Karachi
  5. Manhar Mandir Kathwari Mandir, Rancho Line-Karachi
  6. Mata Mandir, Doli Khata-Karachi
  7. Malir Mandir, Shah Faisal Colony-Karachi
  8. Narsingh Mahadev Mandir, Risala-Karachi
  9. Panch Mukhi Hanuman Mandir, Soldier Bazar-Karachi
  10. Pamwal Das Shiv Mandir, Baghdadi, Saddar-Karachi
  11. Mari Mata Mandir Rattan Tallow Akbar Road, Saddar-Karachi
  12. Shri Laxmi Narayan Mandir, Native Jetty-Karachi
  13. Shri Ratneshwar Mahadev Mandir, Clifton-Karachi
  14. Bhagnari Shiv Mandir, Kakri Ground-Karachi
  15. Darya Lal Sankat Mochan Mandir(also called Jhoolay Lal Mandir), Custom House-Karachi
  16. Devi Mandir, Bombay Bazar-Karachi
  17. Hanuman Mandir, Doli Khata-Karachi
  18. Hanuman Mandir, Frere Road-Karachi
  19. Hinglaj Mata Mandir(also called Jagannath Akhra Mandir), Bhimpura-Karachi
  20. Sheetala Mata Mandir, Bhimpura-Karachi
  21. Shiv Mandir, Islamia College-Karachi
  22. Shivaharkaray Karachi
  23. Shri Punch Mukhi Hanuman Mandir Garden East Karachi.
  24. Shri Varun Dev Mandir Manooraa Karachi.
  25. Shri Hanuman Mandir JPMC Karachi.
  26. Shri Mari Amman (Mata) Temple JPMC F/T Karachi.
  27. Shri Mari Mata Mandir Korangi Karachi.
  28. BGD Hall Sawami Narain Mandir Karachi (Baba Garib Das).
  29. Shri Hanuman Mandir Cantt Karachi.
  30. Shri Shyan Dam Mandir Karachi.


  1. Sadhu Bela Temple Sukkur.
  2. Samabha Ashram Shikarpur, Sukkur.
  3. Shankarnand Bharti Shikarpur Sukkur.
  4. Khat Wari Darbar Shikarpur, Sukkur.
  5. Jhulay Lal Mandir Bagarji Sukkur.


  1. Swami Kirshan Gir Darbar (Kundan Gir Marri) Jacobabad.
  2. Baba Kalyan Das Mandir Jacobabad.
  3. Sach Khand Dham Jacobabad.
  4. Bhagwan Shiv Mandir, Peti Bazar Jacobabad.
  5. Bhagwan Shiv Mandir Ladies Market Jacobabad.
  6. Lal Sain Mandir Bhahan Bazar Jacobabad.
  7. Nandro Mata Waro Mandir (Chenchri Ghitti) Jacobabad.


  1. Guru Nanik Dass Mandir Shahdadkot.
  2. Baba Khat Wala Shahib Mandir Shahdadkot.
  3. Shiv Mandir Shahdadkot.
  4. Baba Hiradaram Mandir Shahdadkot.


  1. Wasan Shah Darbar Rorhi.


  1. Baba Garib Das Darbar Gospor, Kandhkot.


  1. Shri Ramapir Tandoallahyar.


  1. Shri Murlidhar Mandir Mithi, tharparkar.
  2. Shri Kirshana Mandir Mithi, tharparkar.
  3. Shri Hanuman Mandir Mithi, tharparkar
  4. Shri Pir Pithoro Mandir Mithi, tharparkar
  5. Shri Ramapir Mandir Mithi, tharparkar
  6. Santoshi Maa Mandir Mithi, tharparkar
  7. Shiv Parvati Mandir Mithi, tharparkar
  8. Lokesh Mandir Mithi, tharparkar
  9. Guri Mandir, Guri Mithi, tharparkar


  1. Sant Neennooram Ashram Islamkot.
  2. Shri Ramchand Mandir Islamkot.
  3. Shri Parbrahm Mandir Islamkot.
  4. Shri Devi Mandir Islamkot.
  5. Bhagat Ramji Mandir Islamkot.
  6. Shri Hanuman Mandir Islamkot
  7. Ramapir Mandir Islamkot
  8. Kirshan Mandir Islamkot
  9. Akhi gur Samadhi Islamkot


  1. Ramapir Mandir.
  2. Sadh Belo Island Temple.
  3. Churrio Jabal Durgha Temple.


  1. Shri Devi Mata MAndir.
  2. Shri Murli Mandir.
  3. Shri Ramapir Mandir
  4. Shiv Mandir.
  5. Kathwari Harijan Manhar Mandir


  1. Krishana Mandir.


  1. Murlidhar Mandir.
  2. Pir Pithoro Mandir
  3. Ladhooram Mandir
  4. Mata Mandir
  5. Ram Gir Mandir.
  6. Shiwala Mandir.


  1. Shiv Mandir Umerkot.
  2. Kali Mata Temple Umerkot.
  3. Kirshana Mandir Umerkot.


  1. Hinglaj Mata cave temple at Hinglaj, Hingol National Park
  2. Kalat Kali Temple at Kalat,Baluchistan

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

  1. KalibariMandir, Peshawar
  2. GoraknathMandir, GorKhatri Peshawar
  3. DargahPirRatanNathJee Hindu Mandir, Jhanda Bazaar Peshawar
  4. Nandi Mandir – Peshawar
  5. Balmiki (Valmiki) Mandir – Peshawar
  6. Araya Temple, Nawanshehr area, Abbottabad (ruined)
  7. Shiva Temple and Dusehra House (old)- Abbottabad (ruined/half demolished)
  8. Krishna Temple (old)–Abbottabad (destroyed/building no longer exists)
  9. Kali Mandir – Dera Ismail Khan (being used as a hotel)
  10. Krishna Temple, Haripur (destroyed)
  11. Shiva Temple (ancient)- Mansehra, ChittiGatti/Gandhian location (in use)
  12. Shiva Temple (former, now a public library)– Mansehra town (no longer a temple)
  13. Bareri Mata/Durga Temple and Shrine, on Bareri hill–Mansehra (destroyed/no longer in regular use,location sometimes visited by pilgrims and tourists)
  14. LaxmiNarainMandir – Mardan
  15. Shiv Mandir – Nowshera


  1. Aditya Sun templeMultan
  2. Jagannath TempleSialkot
  3. Katasraj temple, Katas Village – Chakwal\
  4. Krishna Temple, Ravi Road, Lahore
  5. ValmikiMandir, Lahore
  6. Lava temple, Lahore fort
  7. TillaJogian temple
  8. Jagannath Temple, Sialkot
  9. Sri Narasimha Temple – Multan
  10. Multan Sun Temple, SurajKund, Multan
  11. Prahladpuri Temple, Multan
  12. Old Temple –Kakrali, Gujrat
  13. Katasraj temple
  14. Malot temple
  15. AmbShareef temple

Islamabad Capital Territory

  1. Saidpur Temple, Saidpur, Islamabad

Azad Kashmir

  1. SharadaPeeth Temple, Neelam Valley , AJK