PHC Schools

Education is also one of the key areas which the Pakistan Hindu Council is focusing on. Till today,17 primary schools are being managed successfully across Tharparkar where all necessary items are provided to students free of cost. We are arranging different training programs for teachers as well. Providing opportunities for higher education scholarships to talented students for studying aboard is also our aim.

S.No School Name No. of Students Name of teachers
1 Seenghario Bheel School 54 Manji
2 Neto Bheel School 53 Kirshan
3 Khario Ghulam Shah School 87 Mithu Bheel/Rai Chand
4 Adhay jo Tarh School 80 Khiyan bai/Amar Lal
5 Parbho Bheel School 52 Narsingh
6 Manani Bheel School 87 Khushal Das/Hakeema
7 Arheri Bheel School 47 Eesro Mal
8 Arbla Bheel School 51 Utam Bheel
9 Dedhinyabar Bheel School 43 Parsu Mal
10 Lasri Bheel School 112 Rano Mal
11 Kamrah School 80 Thano
12 Huryamar School 62 Asandas
13 Faqeer Jo Tarh School 54 Sodho Mal
14 Samo Bheel School 40 Haiderchand
15 Khorbian Bheel School 62 Pirbhu Lal
16 Aklee Sameja School 60 Ghaman Mal
17 Phariya Bheel 84 Lachman Bheel