Pakistan is going through a very tough period where the torrential rains have affected millions of people. The highest rainfall has been recorded in more than three decades in Pakistan. It has already killed thousands of people including more than 300 children. People have been displaced and have lost their livelihoods and homes due to this calamity. Millions of livestock have also been lost due to these rains. Over 300000 people are living in camps as of August 2022. A state of emergency has been declared in Pakistan due to these floods that have swept away people’s homes.

Pakistan Hindu Council has been actively helping the flood affectees from day 1. It is doing its best to actively support the flood victims and is running mobile medical camps in different districts of Sindh in its own capacity to serve the marginalized communities. 

We have distributed tents, mosquito nets, ration bags, and perishable food items in 13+ rain-affected districts of Sindh & Balochistan, along with setting up multiple medical camps to provide necessary medicinal assistance.