Pakistan Hindu Council in collaboration with a student initiative “Circles of Faith” organized an “Interfaith Harmony Walk” with a 50-student delegation of Nixor College.
Students along with the PHC team led by General Secretary Parshotam Ramani & chief Coordinator Kirshan Sagar visited Shrine Abdullah Shah Ghazi on the 1292 Urs of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi and offered prayers for the peace and harmony of Pakistan. After that, the delegation walked to Sri Ratneshwar Mahadev Mandir, Clifton where the delegation was guided about the religious importance of this Mandir, further the delegation offered prayers for Pakistan’s prosperity & economic stability.
Students and other delegation members were also told how the wall between Shrine & Mandir itself is sending a message of love, peace, and interfaith harmony for centuries.
Pakistan Hindu Council believes in exclusiveness, diversity, and acceptance. With this walk, we tried to send a message of love, peace & harmony. If a small fraction of our nation is motivated by this walk, we may see a progressive and prospering Pakistan in the coming decades.