Projects of Pakistan Hindu Council:

1. Mass Marriages

this is one of the biggest yearly event that Pakistan Hindu Council has been arranging since 2008. In this event almost 100 couples tie the knot. Most of them belonging to the interior Sindh. The reason for this mass marriage Is to support the poor Hindus who are not able to afford their own marriage on their expenses. This event provides them a platform and a place to celebrate their marriage according to their desire. All the expenses are borne by the Pakistan Hindu Council and around 1500 families have been supported through this event.

In this event a total of around 5000 people participate in Karachi.

2. Ambulance Services

The Pakistan Hindu Council has a total of 13 ambulances that are active in the interior of Sindh and Karachi. This service is provided to people who do not have a lot of resources and money during an emergency situation.

Besides this, we also have 2 cremation buses one of them being in Utthal Balochistan and the other in Sindh Karachi. These buses can be used to take bodies to the cremation ground.

3. Financial Assistance Help

every year the Pakistan Hindu Council gives financial support to the poor and underprivileged the money that they are in need of. In this program around 1000 poor people are supported every year

4. Wheelchair Distribution

around 1540 wheelchairs have been distributed to the needy since 2021.

5. Qingqi Distributions

we have distributed around 125 qingqi to the needy youth of Pakistan to encourage them to earn their money and run their household.

6. Schools

this is one of the biggest project that Pakistan Hindu Council is involved in since 2017. it aims to built schools for the poor children who wants to study but do not have the resources to do so because of their financial conditions. Until now around 18 schools are running in the different areas in the interior Sindh. Everything from school bags, stationary, uniform, books etc are provided to these poor children. These schools are built in such remote areas where even the government is not able to reach. There is no government school there but PHC has its school there. However the Pakistan Hindu Council still strugglesto build a proper infrastructure for these schools. A school building is still needed so these children can study in a proper school environment. Right now the classes are given in small mud houses, however we aim to give these children a proper school building.