Organization Structure

Orgranization Structure

Pakistan Hindu Council is founded in 2005 by Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, who is serving as Patron and will remain forever.

A. General Body

General Body shall comprise of *members viz.

a. Life Members: who have paid Rs.25,000/- as Life Membership Fee for Life and his Membership is accepted and approved by Managing Committee, shall be eligible to contest for any position of Managing Committee and shall have the right to vote.

b. Associate Members: who have paid Rs.5000/- for 5 years with a write to vote only but he cannot contest for any position of Managing Committee until his full fee is paid and right of Life Membership is attained.

c. Ordinary Members: who have paid Rs.1000/- as membership fee for one year ( renewable every year ).

*other rules and regulations will apply as given in Memorandum of PHC.

Eligibility for PHC Membership

1) Any Pakistani National of Hindu minority ( adult ) , who agrees with the aims and object of the Council can become the member of Council.

2) Who shall pay membership fee as given in the Memorandum.

3) Whose application for membership is accepted by the Managing Committee.