14th August, Independence Day of Pakistan

On the occasion of the 71st Anniversary of the Independence Day of Pakistan, on behalf of the Hindu Minority of Pakistan and on my own behalf, I have a great pleasure to convey my sincere congratulation and best wishes to Mr. President, Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. Chief Justice, All Governors, Chief of Army Staff, All Chief Ministers, All the ministers of Pakistan, departmental heads and other people of country.

I am confident that all minority people will get the equal rights and value in this country as we all are Pakistanis first. I hope that all the respected chairmen and the government bearers will stand for the rights of minority in all over Pakistan and the ties between us will get fruitfully strengthened in the upcoming years. With intense gratitude, I must take this auspicious occasion to wish all the bearers and leaders of Pakistan good health, wellbeing and greater success in future with effective government policies for the people of minority in Pakistan.



Gopal Khamuani

President (Pakistan Hindu Council)