Eid Milan Party (21 June, 2018)

I believe the world in ONE BIG FAMILY and WE need to respect and help each other. Pakistan Hindu Council has once again shown its support and encouragement by organizing an event for Eid Milan Party at Karachi Gymkhana on 21st June. This action of PHC purely reflects their support for the interfaith harmony and for reducing the gaps of cultural, social and religion difference. Gopal Khamuani (President PHC) also shared his valuable thoughts and struggle through out the years for developing the faith in interfaith harmony, peace, brotherhood and religious meetings. President of PHC also stated that we should work together in this country and should help the needy and poor people. I believe in interfaith harmony as it shows that humanity is above all and we are all together. Pakistan Hindu Council has stood like a pillar for all the poor and needy people in all these years as they supported poor people by providing education, by providing financial help and by helping them in opening of small business. Pakistan Hindu Council always has the value for all the people in this country as president mentioned that we believe in humanity and brotherhood.

Parshotam Ramani (General Secretary) also shared his support towards interfaith harmony and stated that we are all brothers in this country as we are living together from past many years and share the same norms and culture. Supporting interfaith harmony should be the basic action of every human and i do support interfaith harmony, peace and humanity. Raja Asser Mal (Ex- President of PHC) also mentioned that we are always ready for helping the poor and needy people as helping one person can change the destination of many. 

Mr. John. V. Skerry (Political officer of U.S Embassy Karachi ), Mr. Simon John Daniel (Minister of Minority affairs, labor and human resources and rights department) and other Businessmen, Bankers, Bureaucratic, Industrialists and Government officers also attended this event and praised this initiative of PHC as it will become support for people of Pakistan and will help in establishing interfaith harmony, peach and humanity across the nation. This Eid Milan Party has given a message around the nation that no matter what happens we are strong nation and support the brotherhood and interfaith harmony in this country.