Delhi riots by Dr. Ramesh Kumar Vankwani


I would like to dedicate this piece of writing to Shri Prem Kant and all good human beings who are sacrificing their own lives in order to safeguard their helpless Muslim neighbours in India.

According to local media, Prem Kant Baghel saved a six-member Muslim family from fire. However, he himself was badly injured during his efforts. Currently, he is battling for life with almost 70 percent burn injuries. It was quite unfortunate that neither the police nor ambulances came to the rescue due to fear of rioters.

This is just one story, but it is a fact that a large number of Indian citizens are on the streets, regardless of their religious affiliations, to record their protest against the negative policies of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Muslim Council of Hong Kong has recently tweeted a photo in which Hindu residents of Delhi are seen making a human chain outside a mosque so that Muslims can offer Friday prayers freely. Such acts of humanity are proving that good human beings are present in every society and country.

Similarly, there are many Hindu temples and Gurdwaras that open their doors to provide refuge to the oppressed Muslims. In many areas including Saleem Pur, when rioters tried to attack on homes of Muslims, the local Hindu community came forward to successfully foiled their evil plans. A number of relief camps are being established where people are providing food, clothes, medicines and other items. Many doctors have offered their services voluntarily.

The recent riots in Delhi have taken at least 50 innocent lives, but the Modi government has failed to maintain law and order. According to international media, the role of local police has been very disappointing. There are many video clips on social media in which rioters are attacking vulnerable Muslims in the presence of the police.

In this critical time, many leading Indian writers, authors and social activists are openly criticizing the hate policies of Narendra Modi. According to them, the ongoing barbaric riots are well-planned to target the Muslim community. This violence against innocent people must not be accepted at any cost. The Indian state’s policies are in fact encouraging the rioters to carry on their hate agenda in the name of ‘Hindutva’.

We must understand that Hindutva is not a religious concept but a Hitler-inspired ideology that was introduced in the last century under British rule. The real teachings of Hindusim are based on tolerance, peace and co-existence. A follower of Hinduism is also required to follow good moral values of other religions.

In order to understand the Hindutva concept, we need to analyze the narrow-minded policies of Hitler-led Nazi Germany against the Jews. This is the reason that the Pakistan Hindu Council, during its recently-held high-level meeting, has termed Indian PM Modi as the Hitler of today’s era.

The Modi government’s policies are threatening internal integrity and regional stability in the same way that once Hitler destroyed world peace.

It is a good sign that many countries, despite having cordial diplomatic relations with India, are now urging the Indian leadership to ensure protection of Muslims. The UN Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHRC) has also approached the Supreme Court of India against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). According to the UN human rights commissioner, the recently-passed discriminatory act violates India’s commitments made under international laws.

In my view, the ugly situation in India demands that the entire international community play a proactive role. The Indian Supreme Court is requested to bring back the constitution in its original form.

At a time when the world is witnessing bloodshed against Muslim minorities in so-called secular India, Pakistan is successfully delivering a message of peace and interfaith harmony through restoration of religious sacred places belonging to non-Muslim minorities. Religious leaders of all faiths must come forward to devise a solid strategy to discourage such bloodshed and hate-mongering in the name of any religion.

The writer is a member of the National

Assembly and patron-in-chief of the

Pakistan Hindu Council.

Twitter: @RVankwani

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